Falassarna Beach
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Nestled on Crete’s western shore lies the quaint village of Falassarna. While the village itself may be small, its beaches are grand, ranking among Greece and Europe’s most celebrated. The bay of Falassarna boasts several stretches of sand, alluring thousands with their tropical allure. Let’s delve into this remarkable destination.

Beach Highlights

Spanning nearly 3 km, Falassarna’s beachfront is a collection of five distinct areas, with the central two being the most frequented. The coast’s fine, light sand contrasts with the azure sea, creating a stunning, tropical scenery. The seabed slopes gently into the water, allowing for a gradual increase in depth without any abrupt shallows.

Falassarna’s main Beach: Pachia Ammos. Stretching over a kilometer in length and 150 meters in width, Pachia Ammos is a spacious beach that comfortably accommodates its visitors despite being a popular spot.

Northern Beach. A little quieter, this 800-meter long beach offers a more serene experience with limited amenities. Close by, there’s a freshwater spring and the Agia Paraskevi chapel.

Falassarna’s coastline extends beyond its primary beach, offering serene, pebbly, and sandy stretches ideal for those seeking solitude. In a single term, the beach’s essence is best captured as «diverse.» Whether it’s families with children, couples looking for a romantic getaway, or groups of friends, Falassarna caters to all. Recognized for its cleanliness and safety, the beach proudly displays two Blue Flags.

Falasarna Beach Activities

Falasarna’s main beach boasts a well-equipped infrastructure with comfortable amenities such as sun loungers, umbrellas, a selection of bars and cafes, restrooms, showers, and changing rooms. For those seeking an energetic beach day, there are volleyball courts and water sports centers available.

During the summer, the beach occasionally hosts parties post-sunset, with the most famous being the Falasarna Beach Party, a one-night event in August where visitors camp on the beach. Outside of this event, the resort is known for its serene and tranquil atmosphere, offering a peaceful retreat.

Near the coast, there’s convenient parking and stores for essential purchases. Nearby hotels eagerly await those enchanted by the beach, as many visitors are reluctant to leave after just one day.

About Falassarna

Falassarna’s region holds a rich past. Once, a city-state founded in 333 BC stood here. Excavations have revealed numerous artifacts viewable by guests. Here, one can find ancient rock-cut tombs, remnants of a fortification wall, pagan temples, towers, and the enigmatic Throne—a stone carving with an unknown purpose, possibly used as a speaker’s platform.

A Tranquil Beach Retreat Nestled away from the hustle, Falassarna is a serene beach destination that beckons with its calm atmosphere. Famous for its stunning sunsets and exquisite local tavern cuisine, this resort town offers a perfect blend of relaxation and natural beauty. Its surrounding area is a protected nature reserve, ensuring unspoiled landscapes. Ideal as a starting point for explorers, Falassarna provides easy access to Balos Lagoon, Gramvousa, Elafonissi Beach, and the shores of the Libyan Sea, making it a strategic spot for those looking to immerse themselves in Crete’s best beach experiences.

Falassarna is a 60 km journey from Chania and can be accessed by either rental car or local bus services that leave from Chania’s main bus station multiple times daily. By car, head west towards Crete until the paved road transitions to a dirt track; signage will guide you. The beach is a brief 5-minute drive away on this track. Alternatively, a 15-minute walk can also get you there.


  • ·       While Falassarna Beach is known for its frequent waves due to the windy region, this characteristic is actually a bonus for windsurfing enthusiasts seeking adventure.
  • ·       Adjacent to the beach, the area is part of the Natura 2000 initiative, making it a prime spot for nature lovers. One can explore the diverse flora, including the unique species of Cretan orchids, indicative of the rich biodiversity here.
  • ·       When heading to the beach by car, consider extending your trip to the rustic village of Platanos. Not to be confused with the resort Platanias, this timeless settlement sits above Falassarna. Its elevated position offers stunning panoramas of the sea and verdant hillsides. The village’s ancient homes have been transformed into charming inns, perfect for a serene getaway.