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Acqua Plus Water Park: A Unique Oasis

Celebrating two decades, Acqua Plus stands out as the Balkans' pioneering water park. It’s not just the thrilling slides that attract over 100,000 visitors yearly, but its stunning location. Perched atop a hill, enveloped by mountains, the park is a green sanctuary. Amidst this lush landscape, exotic greenery thrives, from towering palms to delicate marigolds, creating a verdant retreat for water enthusiasts.

Crete boasts its largest water park, sprawling across 67,000 square meters. It features 34 thrilling slides for adults and 15 fun-filled rides for children. The park is a pioneer in the region for adopting electronic waterproof wristbands. Visitors initially pay only the entry fee and settle the total cost upon leaving. Sunbeds and umbrellas are included in the ticket price.

Advanced water purification systems are utilized, with annual Special General Check-ups (SGC) ensuring health and safety standards. On-site facilities include a first aid station and a team of trained lifeguards.

Acqua Plus Water Park Zones

The park is split into adult and children’s areas, interconnected for ease. The adult section boasts tall slides leading into deep pools, highlighting a variety of water-based rides.

The Wild River Ride— A thrilling aquatic adventure awaits with a serpentine slide full of twists and turns, challenging every thrill-seeker with its array of obstacles.

Space Bowl— Experience the intensity of an ocean tempest or a whirlpool’s clutches! Start with a heart-racing drop from 15 meters high, followed by a rush into a massive funnel. Spiral around before being swept into the welcoming waters of the pool below.

Splash Race:Challenge a friend to a slide race and the winner gets a cocktail on the house! Four racers can compete at once.

Mammoth Slides:Enjoy three zigzagging slides solo or with a child over 12 for a fun descent.

Adrenaline Rush:Dive into thrills with «Extreme Kamikaze» and «Tornado,» each offering four twisty slides starting from 15 meters high. Get ready for the exhilarating screams and splashes!

The Speedy Serpent: Craving a rapid voyage over water? Embark on a 125-meter aquatic adventure.

Aqua Bolt: Plunge at speeds reaching 50 km/h, culminating in a splashy arrival into the pool.

Wow Spheres: Attempt walking on water encased in a clear orb. Balancing is tricky, but the challenge is worth it. Note: This activity has an additional fee.

The children’s section and restful leisure space are equally impressive. It features a variety of engaging activities for youngsters and tranquil spots by the water for everyone. The focal point is a spacious pool measuring 1200 square meters with a safe depth of up to 120 cm. Additional amenities include a soothing jacuzzi, low-rise slides and gentle water descents for safety, and fun rides specifically designed for kids under 7. The area also offers unique fish spa experiences, temporary tattoos for fun, a bouncy trampoline, and dedicated play areas tailored for the little ones.

Located 4 km south of the resort town of Hersonissos on Crete Island, Acqua Plus is accessible via the EO 92 road. From Heraklion, it’s a 25-minute drive covering 25.5 km, with most of the journey on the VOAK/A90/E75 highway. Before reaching Hersonissos, travelers should take a right turn at the large green «Kastelli» sign onto EO 92. After 2.2 km, the park’s signage appears on the right.


Electronic Wristband Caution. Keep an eye on your electronic wristband; a hefty fine of 100 EUR applies if lost. It’s personal.Don’t hand it to others.

F&B and Souvenirs. Explore our on-site café or souvenir shop for refreshments and memorabilia. Expect prices to be a tad higher than elsewhere on the island.

Food & Drink Policy. Bringing outside consumables is a no-go. While bags may not be checked at the entrance, surveillance cameras are operational throughout, so it’s wise not to take chances.

Carry Essentials. Caps, sunscreen, and other sun-safe gear are crucial for outdoor leisure.

Nearby Golf Course. Enjoy the unique golfing experience on Crete, available for an additional fee.